War Truck Simulator

War Truck Simulator



Welcome soldier! You are a representative of a special military group dealing with specific tasks in the enemy's territory! If there is a lack of ammo, wounded soldiers, emergency situations, you have to be there! This special car is entrusted to you, in which you perform your job! As I mentioned, you will mainly operate in the enemy's territory, difficult tasks await you! I hope you are ready ... You must be! Prepare for difficult missions! Pedal to the metal!


- You have to drive through difficult terrain and at the same time not destroy your vehicle.
- Be ready for a conflict against your enemy on his area.
- You will have to choose a path that will decide the course of the mission!
- In front of you difficult tasks, and you have to face it!
- Diversified terrain, weather anomalies, it all affects the ride!


Long, long ago, far, far away, there was a house, and in this house the best software development group. No... no, it's not about us. We are a modest group of amateurs who want to fulfill their dreams. Most of us first met programming. We split into small groups and begin to create. As you know, learning and having fun is the most beautiful thing! Because the programming of games is fun! And this is our FIRST GAME!

Take care guys!

Тип игры:
Одиночная игра
  • Windows (PC)
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Apple (mobile)
  • Android
  • XBOX
  • PlayStation (PS1..4)
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15.02.2016 23:37


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