MTB Downhill Simulator

MTB Downhill Simulator

MTB Downhill Simulator will take you to the exciting world of MTB rides!
Dangerous and difficult trails await you.
Prepare yourself for the madness of downhill!


Ride through the exciting, real life trails, and go down the slope as
quickly as possible. Explore extreme trails and enjoy the thrill of a steep,
rough terrain full of rocks and countless obstacles.
Dodge or jump over them and reach the finish line as fast as possible.
Be careful not to fall from the ramps, especially the ramp of death!
Collect money to improve your bike and make it as fast and unique as you can.
Be prepared for the breath-taking real life terrains mapped from the most
exciting parts of the world!
Get ready for some awesome rides!


- Downhill rides including some elements of trial ride
- Difficult and challenging levels with real life terrains
- Diversified maps including forests, canyons, rocky terrains, desserts or steep cliffs
- Possibility of customising your downhill and modifying it in a Bike Shop
- Available on all mobile platforms
- Multiplayer and a third person view in a future update

*SPECIAL FEATURE: The last level features crazy sheep ride! Don't miss it!

Тип игры:
Одиночная игра
  • Windows (PC)
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • VR
  • Apple (mobile)
  • Android
  • XBOX
  • PlayStation (PS1..4)
Ссылка на игру:
16.02.2016 00:00


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