TD Ultimate

TD Ultimate

TD Ultimate

"Build fortification, upgrade it, take a buffs and blow enemies up!"

Bored of playing over and over the same Tower-Defense games?

TD Ultimate besides of standard 'build, upgrade and see what happens' gives you also plenty of different ways to exterminate your enemies.


Toony, nice-for-eye graphics.

Upgrade your Fortifications to make your base though.

Classic turrets that blow up, melt, slow down your enemies.

-Eight types of upgredable turrets, increase their range and dps.

-Four types of special attacks; raid your enemies with bombs, fireballs, or rockets.

-Buy Cannon and set it's angle to blow up your enemies.

Playable third-person-perspective Character

-Three Buffs that improves your character.

-Beware of enemies's special attacks.

Lots of enemies to kill




-Creatures (beasts, monsters etc)

Тип игры:
Одиночная игра
  • Windows (PC)
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Apple (mobile)
  • Android
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16.02.2016 00:14


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