Rover - The Dragonslayer

Rover - The Dragonslayer


Rover The Dragonslayer is a hack and slash game placed in toon semi-open world. You are traveling as a brave Rover looking for the last living dragons that disturb peaceful lands of Awruk.
Not all places that you visit will be friendly to you. You will have to face mysterious forests, hot desert sands, snow-storms and many different obstacles.
During exploration you will meet a lot of dangerous monsters. Killing them will give you the opportunity to collect their souls which will help you to improve many of your different skills.
Brace yourself for exploring interesting places, fighting many deadly, fearsome battles and having a lot fun!!
Remeber, the fate of the Awruk lays in your hands.

Rover was an average hunter living in a small village in the north Awruk, in which everyone had an enormous sympathy for each other. Daily duties and weekend feasting made the lives of the inhabitants elapse in carelessness and serenity.
But on one Friday night, when everyone was preparing to the feast, the village was attacked by the dragons.
No one managed to stay alive, anyone who was at this time in the village. Only roversurvived because he was at this time in the neighboring village. When he returned, he saw the devastation made by the dragons.
Rover's heart broke in half and then he decided to take a revenge. The hunter has become the dragon slayer and swore by himself, that he will not rest until he kills all the living beasts of Awruk.
Did he succeed?


- Colorful semi-open world
- Addictive fight system
- Tons of monsters
- Various bosses
- Skill upgrades
- Diffrent types of quests
- And much more!

Тип игры:
Одиночная игра
  • Windows (PC)
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Apple (mobile)
  • Android
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