Race & Destroy

Race & Destroy

Race&Destroy is an alternative view of racing genre in total. You start with an old and slow car and climb your way up to the championship by using every cheap and evil way at your disposal. Be the fastest racer or the most destructive one! It's your choice!
Earn money, upgrade and repair your car or buy a better one. Find sponsors, pay an entry fee for one of three tournaments available and choose which maps do you want to take part in.
Every map has its best way to play. Destroy all enemies at destruction arena, avoid traffic in suburban map or choose your own tactic in speedway track. Find your best way to play and Race&Destroy!


- Destructive cars.
- Customizable tournaments.
- Car upgrades.
- Good AI
- Fun physics.
- Destructive enviorment elements.
- Random events.
- Sneaky weapons and tricks .
- Car visiual upgrades/unlocks .

Тип игры:
Одиночная игра
  • Windows (PC)
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Apple (mobile)
  • Android
Ссылка на игру:
16.02.2016 01:02


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